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GEM Shavings is the west coast's leading provider of packaged shavings, bulk shavings and sawdust.

How to Order Products

For our local customers, GEM delivers bulk loads of the highest quality green shavings, dry sawdust, and mixed loads. Load sizes are 24, 34, 42, 75, and 125 yards.

If you live in our Western Washington delivery area, GEM also delivers the highest quality bulk loads available anywhere. And, we pride ourselves on professional, courteous service. Loads sizes range from 24 yards up to 125 yards.

Big White Shavings 

  • Consisting primarily of green fir, these dust-free shavings are preferred by many of our stables. Since we haul our shavings directly from the mill and store them indoors, GEM's big whites are exceptionally absorbent.

Kiln-dried Sawdust

  • Our kiln-dried sawdust is screened directly from the shavings we bale, so you know exactly what you're getting. These super-absorbent fines are perfect where dust is not an issue.

Mixed Loads 

  • We can also mix sawdust and big white shavings to your specifications.

We're always happy to discuss your bulk load needs and pricing. Please call 877-833-6486 or email Mark: mmedearis@lignetics.com or Doug: dgoebel@lignetics.com