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GEM Premier Cedar Shavings

GemShavingsCedar_s.jpgGem Premier Cedar Shavings are primarily kiln-dried Western Red Cedar shavings. They are an excellent bedding product for outdoor animals - large or small. Cedar naturally repels fleas and ticks so it's particularly useful in outdoor pet areas.

GEM produces the finest dust free Western Red Cedar available.

Western Red Cedar does not contain many of the compounds found in Eastern Cedar that can be toxic to small animals. However, care should always be exercised when using aromatic shavings in enclosed areas and if you have any doubts or concerns, please consult your animal health-care professional.

GEM Premier Cedar Shavings are available in farm, ranch, and pet stores throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska. Please call, write or e-mail for the names of dealers or distributors near you. If our shavings are not available in your area, inquire about direct shipment. Dealer inquiries are welcome.