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GEM Shavings is the west coast's leading provider of packaged shavings, bulk shavings and sawdust.

All GEM Shavings Products

Our three primary product lines are  1) large baled shavings; 2)press packs for small critters;  and 3) bulk shavings, sawdust, and mixed loads.   All our products are made in the USA and we take pride in their quality.

GEM Premier White Shavings

GEM PremierWhite Shavings are the most absorbent shavings on the market.  In addition, they also have several additional beneficial qualities.

GEM Premier Pine Shavings

GEM Premier Pine Shavings are primarily kiln-dried Pine shavings.

GEM Premier Cedar Shavings

Western Red Cedar

GEM Premier Small Flake White Shavings

Small Flake White Shavings

GEM Premier `green` Douglas Fir Shavings

Gem is the market leader in `green` Douglas Fir shavings.

Bulk Shavings

For our local customers, GEM delivers bulk loads of the highest quality green shavings, dry sawdust, and mixed loads. Load sizes are 24, 34, 42, 75, and 125 yards.